Brain Bee

Tomorrow, February 19th, is our 3rd Quarter 4A-Day, Brain Bee, focusing on the Academics! All classes are in full swing practicing their chants and creating their posters for a chance to win an Emmy……we mean the infamous, “BEST OVERALL 2015/2016” CPA trophy!

Please remember that the Cafe is closed for the day – all students need to bring a sack lunch from home.

Mission Possible


preptv and some of the Sixth Grade Camp Leaders waiting for everyone to get to camp!

Our 6th grade Lions head to camp today for a few days of fun, fresh air and friendship! This will be a great time filled with bonding between our students as well as creating new friendships with the Pinnacle 6th graders and the counselors from The Prep. We will miss you for the next few days!

6th grade parents can check the website for frequent updates/videos from camp!