Spirit Week – Colors

Next week is spirit week at North Pointe Preparatory (our district’s 7th-12th grade school).  As we support the Falcons in their homecoming efforts, we are participating in our own spirit week by dressing in a different color each day. 

If your students are participating in color week, they can dress down all week long!!! Please have your students wear at least one clothing item that is obviously that color.  Jeans are acceptable if the shirt they are wearing primarily has the color of the week.

Of course, creative interpretations are always encouraged, and I’d love to see some students in the color of the day from head to toe!

Students are welcome to dress in the following colors:

Monday – Red

Tuesday – Green

Wednesday – Purple (NP color)

Thursday – Blue

Friday – Yellow

Also, watch your child’s backpack for information about the Old School Carnival at North Pointe next week. The event will be held from 6-8 pm on Wednesday and it looks like a lot of fun.


We are having our first 4A Day, Brain Blast, on Friday, October 4th and are in need of some fabulous Lion family volunteers!

Each 4A Day consists of rotations that classes will circulate through with activities related to that theme. For example, Brain Blast typically has a variety of indoor and outdoor activities that get the children thinking in new ways about familiar things while having fun!

Each of these stations is led by a designated volunteer. The volunteer walks the students through the directions for the activity and simply enjoys the experience with them. A teacher or staff member will always be with the classroom to monitor and assist with each rotation. For this event, we are in need of at least 8 volunteers, so please consider joining us!

4A Days are truly an incredible and unique Pointe Schools tradition that are made possible through the support and assistance of our fabulous families. If you would like to volunteer, please email me directly or call the office.