Pointe of Clarification:

Although funding for public education has been significantly reduced since 2008, Pointe Schools teachers have received an average increase of 3% over each of the last 10 years. New Pointe Schools certified teachers make similar salaries to teachers in our neighboring districts. Prior to the 2017-2018 school year, Pointe Schools full-time returning employees received a 3% raise and the starting pay for part-time employees was increased to $12.50 per hour.

Spring Extravaganza at North Pointe!

Please join North Pointe community at their Spring Extravaganza May 7-11, 2018. Festivities begin each night at 5:30pm in the Plaza with a Car Show and Eats from Arnold’s Diner. Dress in your best retro outfit and get a free drink!  Then at 7pm, those with tickets will move into the Theatre and watch  the Falcon Players presentation of Grease. There is no cost for the show but a free ticket is required. Intermission will feature Live Music and Treats in the Plaza. Stick around after the show for our Sock Hop featuring a DJ set and Sweets!

 Tickets are completely free but limited! Please sign up for free tickets through Canyon’s Front Office!

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6th Grade Adventure: Day 3

IMG_0091While our adventure had to come to an end we still managed to cram in a few more activities! We woke up extra early in hopes of seeing the sunrise over a gorgeous hike in the mountains. Although it was a bit too foggy to see the clouds, the hike was still beautiful!

img_0493-2img_0499-2After cleaning out our dorms and eating our last breakfast, we set off on another hike over the canyon. In addition to learning all about the flowers and animals of Catalina and using the embers of a burnt tree for war paint, we also discovered that the camp was actually used for filming portions of Jurassic World!

IMG_0156IMG_0101After our hike we took the opportunity to dip our toes in the cold water one last time and say goodbye to our new friend, Mike Bison.

It has truly been an incredible adventure! Thank you, so much to the staff of Catalina Island Marine Institute for having us! We will miss the relaxing ocean, gorgeous landscape, and all of the awesome activities but we are excited to come back home to our families. See you soon, Lions!

6th Grade Adventure: Day 2

Each morning we started with breakfast in the cafe. Food at camp has been delicious and the best part about it is the All-You-Can-Eat style of every meal! Obviously, our kiddostook full advantage of this!all you can eatAfter breakfast, we went straight into our Fish/Shark/Algae labs.

During the fish lab, we learned about fish adapt to their environments in order to survive different elements and predators. We were challenged to classify different features of fish based on the salt water tanks in the lab. We also played a survivor game with our instructor by placing different  bits of paper in the room so that he couldn’t find them. If he didn’t find our paper, our species had successfully adapted to our environment and could fend off predators.


In the shark labs,we debunked myths about sharks, understood their crucial role in the ecosystem, Better yet, we were able to pet several sharks and a sting ray!


In the Algae lab, we learned about the critical role that algae plays in the ocean. Not only does algae provide oxygen for marine life, it also provides food. We were lucky enough to taste some!  In case you’re wondering, some algae tastes like salty carrots! We were also able to create an algae press to take home.

IMG_0030IMG_0037IMG_0028After lunch, we put our wetsuits back on and enjoyed took turns jumping on the floating dock!  Then we put our snorkel gear  and headed back out to our 2nd snorkel which was awesome because we had studied different types of fish and ecosystems, we visited them in their natural habitat. We saw several Garibaldi fish (a native of Catalina), a sheep crab and a school of mackerel!  After our snorkel, we enjoyed some free swim time.

We ended the evening with some rock climbing, music, and roasting of marshmallows on the beach!


6th Grade Adventure – Day 1

Day 1 of our adventure,  started very late in the night or early in the morning depending on who you ask!  Either way,  we all board the bus armed with snacks and movies. Given the time, most of us slept!



After several hours on the bus, we arrived  in Long Beach and boarded The Catalina King which ferried us to Catalina Island.

catalina king

Upon arrival we were instantly welcomed by the staff of the Catalina Island Marine Institute and made ourselves at home in the dorms!

first meetingbeach viewOnce we were settled, we got to do our very first snorkel, eat an incredible dinner, and went on an Astronomy hike in the evening. We had an amazing and exhausting day! After such a full day, no one was upset when we called for lights out.sunset

Please order 4/30-5/4 hot lunches by 12 pm on Friday, 4/27.

Please order 4/30-5/4 hot lunches by 12 pm on Friday, 4/27.

  • Mondays:Chik-fil-A 8 piece nuggets or original sandwich
  • Tuesday: Rubios -bean and cheese burrito, cheese quesadilla, chicken taco
  • Wednesdays:Barro’s  pasta with sauce or pasta with meatballs
  • Thursdays: Barro’s pizza cheese or pepperoni
  • Fridays: 6″ Subway Subs (Cold Cut, Ham, Spicy, Turkey, and Veggie)

On Friday afternoons, all pre-orders will be confirmed and money will be deducted from your student’s bank.

Our Café still  have breakfast, snack, drink and cold lunch options available every day (preorder not required).

Order online at EZ Parent Center or download the app!