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Today, the 4th – 6th grade students who participated in Winter Theater will be performing “The Trial of Goldilocks” at 4:30 pm. Doors open at 4:00 pm.

There is no school Monday, February 18th in observance of Presidents’ Day. Also, on Thursday, February 21st and Friday, February 22nd school will let out at 12:00 noon (1/2 day!!) due to parent teacher conferences. If your student attends Lion’s Den, please be sure to send a sack lunch both days as the cafe will be closed.

Finally, clubs that meet on Tuesday and Wednesday will start next week. Also, theater tryouts and basketball practice will be on Tuesday. All other clubs will meet the following week.

See here for more information “This Week at Canyon.” Check back weekly for updates!

Spreading Kindness

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This month in The Station we’ve been learning all about kindness. We’ve talked about filling buckets, words we should say more often, how to be positive to ourselves and so much more. A big part of this is remembering that “People who feel good, do good.”

Now it is time to put all that we have learned into action.

Starting today, we are building a kindness chain. Our goal is to catch each other being good. When someone sees someone else at school being kind, they can request a link to add to the paper chain. Once a week, before The Station, we will add all those new links together and watch how kindness spreads.

When we get the chain all the way around the Cafe, we will tally up our total number of kind acts. We will also celebrate with a school-wide Popsicle party!

Let’s see how quickly we can spread some kindness!

Spring Club Signups

Spring Extracurriculars will run through February 19th – May 10th

All Spring Extracurricular Sign-ups will be completed online using the following links. If you are able to sign-up using the links below, you are officially enrolled in the extracurricular. No further action/confirmation is necessary. Sign-up must be done for each individual student for each specific club. For example, siblings cannot be signed up at the same time and must be done individually. Thank you and I cannot wait to get the season started!

Free Spring Clubs: Our Free Winter Clubs offer a variety of activities including No Bake Cooking, Puzzles, and More!

Basketball Sports (Basketball Team): Students who participate in Basketball must complete the student Athletic Packet. If your student has already turned a completed packet into the office for the previous sports season, they are good to go! 4th to 6th grade students are welcome to play!

Theatre Troupe: Students will try out for the Spring Theater Production on February 19th. 4th to 6th grade students welcome to try out!