Day 2 of Science Week was out of this world!

Tuesday, April 25th of Science Week focused on Earth and Space. Some classes learned about the effects of erosion and different planets. Kindergarten and first grade studied the phases of the moon using Oreos! One second grade class created layers of soil using pudding, cake, whip cream, and gummy worms! According to one source, who wishes to remain anonymous, “dirt tastes good.” Finally, our sixth graders who are preparing to leave our campus in a month, created their own planets that could sustain life. We’re hoping our sixth graders are merely graduating from our campus, not the galaxy.

Tour Around the World – Asian edition! Thursday, 1/26

Love to travel but don’t have a passport? Have you ever wanted to visit the Asian continent but don’t want the hassle of a long plane flight? You’re in luck! On Thursday, January 26th the Asian continent will come to the campus of Canyon Pointe Academy! From 5:30-7:30 pm, please join us for a tour of the East by “traveling” to the countries of Cambodia, Japan, China, and South Korea – to name a few! And don’t worry about a passport! We at Canyon Pointe Academy will give you your very own! Just make sure you get your passport stamped by visiting every country – 14 in total!


6th graders followed the Yellow Brick Road…. To the Prep!

On Friday, 11/4, the 6th grade classes from Pinnacle and Canyon followed the Yellow Brick Road to the Prep to watch the Junior High’s production of the Wizard of Oz!  This matinee allowed our sixth graders to witness just one of the incredible opportunities, like theatre, offered at North Pointe Prep!

Learning about Spiders:

Today in science we learned about the anatomy of a spider. The class got to meet Mrs. Kimmi’s friendly ‘pet spider’ named Mr. Fluffy. The students had the opportunity to reach into the box to pet Mr. Fluffy the ‘spider’, if they wanted. Mrs. Kimmi then took the spider out and had the kids name all the parts of the spider (abdomen, head, feelers, legs, eyes, spinnerets). Their reactions were priceless.