Welcome Class of 2030!

Today, our kindergarten Lions took a trip (on a bus!) to North Pointe Prep to film a special Morning Show! We were fortunate enough to have some of our parents join us in watching the taping and enjoying some refreshments in the school’s Cafe. We had such a great time on our very first field trip of the year! Thank you for hosting us Falcons!The show, featuring the Pointe Schools Class of 2030, will be broadcast tomorrow throughout all three Pointe Schools campuses and on the internet via live stream. Check out the “Live Events” link tomorrow at 8:02am to watch it with us live! If you are unable to watch the live stream, check out the “Talking About” and “Guest Interview” links after 9am.Check out northpointeprep.com to view past 8:02 LIVE morning shows.