Our Annual 6th Grade Breakfast was great fun  Students enjoyed a ton of sugary delicious treats at the waffle bar and received unique awards from their classmates and Mrs. McKinney. Best of all, they shared their favorite memories of Canyon. 6th Grade – we will miss you!  Best of luck at the Prep next year!IMG_1159

And again…

Again, the 5th/6th grade Basketball team defeated the teachers in a second game last Friday. (Side note: this game was at the request of the 5th/6th grade team; the Staff had accepted their earlier loss with grace). While the staff put up a good fight, they were no match for the skill, agility, and let’s be honest -energy -of the 5th/6th grade. Great job 5th/6th grade team!  We are so proud of all your hard work this basketball season – it’s been incredible to watch how you became a team. Thanks to all the younger grades for cheering everyone on!