Learning about Spiders:

Today in science we learned about the anatomy of a spider. The class got to meet Mrs. Kimmi’s friendly ‘pet spider’ named Mr. Fluffy. The students had the opportunity to reach into the box to pet Mr. Fluffy the ‘spider’, if they wanted. Mrs. Kimmi then took the spider out and had the kids name all the parts of the spider (abdomen, head, feelers, legs, eyes, spinnerets). Their reactions were priceless.


It’s FINALLY here!! Canyon Pointe Academy’s annual Block Party!! There will be food vendors, a petting zoo, a pumpkin patch and LOTS more!!

WHEN: Thursday, 10/20, 5:30 – 7:30 pm

WHERE: CPA campus

COST: Games and food, cash only

Canyon is also hosting a blanket drive for local animal shelters.We will be collecting blankets thru this Friday, 10/21 in the Café and will have a drop box at the Block Party as well. It will be cooling off soon so lets help keep those furry friends warm!

Who are the people in your community?

Canyon Pointe Academy is proudly celebrating their first Community Week with recognizing outstanding members of the community. Parents, grandparents, and honored guests have been invited to share their experiences with their jobs and the greater community.

1.Mrs. Hobbs and Mrs. Lee welcomed a firefighter to their second grade classrooms.

2. Mr. Rocci impressed the 3rd grade with guitar skills!

3. Officer Brewster of the Peoria K9 unit brought his “partner” to speak to the 5th graders

We are excited to see what students will dress up as for their career day parade on Friday, October 21st

Career Day Dress-Up Parade

ATTENTION PARENTS!!!  We want to show off all of our ambitions in life, what better way than to dress-up with what we want to be when we grow up and have a parade??  Please join us in the café on Friday morning so that you are able to get a glimpse into the future -we are an ambitious bunch!!  The parade starts at 8:10am, so make sure to get here early!  After the parade, we would love for you to join us in the classroom so that we can tell you all about our career choice!