Compass Week, Day 4

Thursday of Science Compass week had a different look than previous days. Rather than study the “obvious” sciences like space and animals, students took a hard look at Social Science. Kindergarteners became archaeologists and carefully excavated dinosaurs… on the basketball court! Likewise, fourth grade also studied archaeology and wrote about the vitality of archaeology in the study of ancient civilizations. In a different role, Mrs. Lee’s class created a “time capsule” in paper bags and filled them with artifacts that would tell future generations about their favorite items. Ms. Robens’ first grade studied political science and discussed why the government has laws and then created their own campaigns for president! Mr. Wernsing’s class also studied political science, through story time, and how economics led to colonists revolting for their rights. Mrs. Kramer and Mr. Sotelo conducted an experiment in which students investigated how and why people pass judgment based on appearances. Ms. Hobbs’ class took an entirely different stance and examined the effects of bullying. They then created positive comic strips on how to help people be kinder and better friends. Third grade investigated sustainable living and how to reduce our carbon footprint. In turn, they designed and then created windmills to promote alternative sources of energy. Sixth grade delved into the world of psychology by examining their dominant personalities!

Engineering Excellence!

Day 3 of Science week brought out all of Canyon’s budding engineers. Kindergarteners created rollercoasters while some second graders in Mrs. Lee’s class made bristle bots (robots from toothbrush heads)! In Ms. Hobbs’ class, students created bridges and other buildings using popsicle sticks. 3rd grade created electromagnets using batteries and copper wire. They were able to pick up multiple metal objects! Simultaneously, 3rd graders in Mrs. Messersmith’s class were conducting other experiments by measuring rates of evaporation. 4th grade investigated different types of engineers and later were lucky enough to design several projects. 5th grade measured distance and wind velocity through the construction and flying of paper airplanes, which required multiple designs. Mrs. McKinney’s 6th grade class created electrical currents using a penny, a nail, alligator clips, and…. lemons!?! Ms. Messer’s 6th grade class, not to be outdone, created magnetic slime! It was a fantastic and exciting day at Canyon! Be sure to come out to our Family Night on Thursday, April 27th, from 5:30-7:30 pm, to witness more projects in person.

Day 2 of Science Week was out of this world!

Tuesday, April 25th of Science Week focused on Earth and Space. Some classes learned about the effects of erosion and different planets. Kindergarten and first grade studied the phases of the moon using Oreos! One second grade class created layers of soil using pudding, cake, whip cream, and gummy worms! According to one source, who wishes to remain anonymous, “dirt tastes good.” Finally, our sixth graders who are preparing to leave our campus in a month, created their own planets that could sustain life. We’re hoping our sixth graders are merely graduating from our campus, not the galaxy.

Science Week Kick-Off!

Canyon kicked off Science week on Monday. Students in grades Kindergarten through Sixth grade explored famous scientists and inventors. Kindergarteners communicated long distance, across the room, with with homemade phones. First grade students “invented” items with clay, pipe cleaners, spoons and plates. Second grade experimented with circuit kits while fifth grade redesigned the playground for optimal use. Great job, Lions!

International Week = SUCCESS!

Our lions were busy this week learning about and “visiting” the continent of Asia. This week we practiced different languages, ate different foods,”toured” around the entire continent of Asia and paraded around campus in traditional Asian clothing. Everyday students were able to select, enjoy, and inspire each other with their new found knowledge – knowledge that resulted in MEGA TRIVIA at a special station on Friday. Special thanks to all of our students, teachers,friends and families for their continued support. This support reaffirms the importance of our sense of community!

Canyon Pointe Farm?!?

Canyon Pointe Academy raised enough money during International Week to buy a cow. Are they starting a farm to complement their Garden Club? Since cows and lions don’t get along very well, the amazing students at Canyon Pointe decided to donate their money to Heifer International, is a charity organization working to end hunger and poverty around the world by providing livestock and training to struggling communities. Each day, Canyon student emptied their piggy banks into donation buckets and progress was tracked by a gigantic thermometer! As of Friday, Canyon raised hundreds of dollars to help an international community with more money waiting to be counted. We are so proud! Stay tuned for final totals and what students elected to buy!

Tour Around the World – Asian edition! Thursday, 1/26

Love to travel but don’t have a passport? Have you ever wanted to visit the Asian continent but don’t want the hassle of a long plane flight? You’re in luck! On Thursday, January 26th the Asian continent will come to the campus of Canyon Pointe Academy! From 5:30-7:30 pm, please join us for a tour of the East by “traveling” to the countries of Cambodia, Japan, China, and South Korea – to name a few! And don’t worry about a passport! We at Canyon Pointe Academy will give you your very own! Just make sure you get your passport stamped by visiting every country – 14 in total!